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“Through The Effective Admin professional development and training resources and tools, I’m here to show you how to be the best administrative professional you can be WHILE getting the benefits and satisfaction you deserve as an administrative career professional.”

KPorter15My name is Karen Porter and as an advisor and coach to administrative assistants and executive assistants, I help them improve and excel in their workplace performance and administrative careers. I help ensure administrative assistants and executive assistants are the best at what they do while simultaneously getting the satisfaction and benefits they want and deserve.

Just as with any employee, administrative professionals who are engaged and satisfied with their work and careers are valuable team members in their places of employment. Assistants in particular work behind the scenes to support busy managers and executives—sometimes even entire departments in a company. The administrative details and tasks these assistants do behind the scenes affect the productivity of the employees they support.

Those employees receiving support include company leaders, managers, sales professionals, researchers and product developers, medical personnel, teachers, and more—all employees who have a hand in maintaining or increasing company revenue and supplying valuable and often necessary services and products to the general public and customers.

Having well-trained, informed and satisfied administrative assistants and executive assistants on staff working behind the scenes to handle the company’s administrative tasks, procedures and projects is smart business. But in order for assistants to excel in their workplace performance and add the most value to those they support, they must have ongoing access to education and information relevant to their administrative work and careers. That continuous education and information is what I provide through The Effective Admin™ brand of training and professional development resources for administrative professionals—since 2004.

Browse around this Web site to get more information about my self-directed continuous learning resources available for administrative assistants and executive assistants or go straight to my main package of resources: VAAP subscription details

Administrative customers have described Karen Porter’s digital informational products for assistants with phrasing such as: “…one of the best products I have found for EA training…;” and “…priceless tools to remain successful in my profession and allow me to be a valuable asset to my directors and my company.”

Facts About Karen Porter

  1. She founded The Effective Admin (TEA) brand in 2004.
  2. Prior to 2004, Porter worked in the corporate, nonprofit, and higher education sectors for 18 years in various roles and levels ranging from administrative positions to non-administrative positions.
  3. She is a member of Generation X.

A Book Author Too
Karen Porter is the author of the books Communication Strategies for Administrative Professionals: How to Communicate What You Can Do, Can’t Do, Will Do, Won’t Do, Need and Want and Starting Meetings of Administrative Professionals: 52 Tips for Planning, Conducting, Leading and Facilitating Successful Meetings of Your Administrative Support Staff. Both books are for sale in paperback format at Amazon.com and other online book retailers. Find a link to the books at Amazon in the books section on this Web site.


And Newsletter Publisher & Editor
Karen Porter has been producing The Effective Admin newsletter for administrative assistants and executive assistants as a free newsletter from Sept. 2004 – Dec. 2007 and as a paid subscription newsletter from January 2008 and still going. Administrative assistants and executive assistants read this newsletter for its job performance and career management advice and tips. Read more about The Effective Admin newsletter here.

TEA Newsletter

Plus Owner, Moderator & Facilitator of a Group on LinkedIn for Admins
Started in 2010, Karen Porter has grown this online discussion group of administrative professionals from zero to now more than 25,000 members who joined it for professional and practical discussions, networking, support, help and advice from me and their administrative colleagues.

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Based in USA, serving administrative professionals virtually and therefore everywhere in the world.