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ADVERTISERS: If you are a seller of a product or service interested in posting an informative article (or checklist, infographic, etc.) or guide (e.g. section of articles) in the Buyer’s Guide section, contact me to discuss your intentions and to receive advertising rates at Karen Porter at and mention the Buyer’s Guide section specifically.

Advertiser rates start at $300 for this “sponsored content” opportunity in the Buyer’s Guide section. Contact me for further rate details.

The Buyer’s Guide is the only section I will post advertising in (so don’t ask me if I will post on my home page, other articles in other sections of the Web site, etc.); only the Buyer’s Guide section is available.

I will only post articles (or checklists, infographics, etc.) I like for my readers’ benefit and that really are informative and/or educational and not too “salesy.”

I will not post banner ads or other types of advertisements — just sponsored content.

You supply your article. I do not write any articles, reviews, endorsements, etc., for advertisers. I am not interested in testing, using, reviewing and/or endorsing any advertiser’s products or services (so please do not send me any samples if your company offers a material product or ask me to try your service).

I can direct you to freelance professional writers listings if you don’t write and don’t have writers on staff. I can brainstorm topics with you for your content if you need assistance.

In general, your copy for the body of your article can be from 500 words to 1,500 words. I am flexible on this depending on your particular piece of content and what’s appropriate for it.

Your bio box after the article, should be 150 words or less. To give you an idea of what that looks like, my bio box under my articles (e.g. is 127 words plus the logo image and it includes a call to action statement with contextual link at the end. Your bio box could be similar with logo, copy, URL, and call to action.

I am only interested in advertisers supplying informative or educational content for my Web site viewers (who are administrative assistants, executive assistants, and office managers). In return, you get to mention your product or service in the article bio section (at the end of your content) and if appropriate, in the article body (e.g. product photo and caption, plain link or contextual link).

You may include up to two outgoing contextual or non-contextual links (i.e. just URLs) in your article and two in your bio box placed at the end of the article.

No follow links will be used for your URLs (that means people/readers can follow the URLs but not search engine robots); so people simply looking for link exchanges/farming or SEO needs, please do not contact me. This Buyer’s Guide section is only for legitimate businesses wanting to market their products and services and provide real and quality information and education to administrative assistants, executive assistants, and office managers (my target audience).

So the main area that may contain your information is in a short or long blurb below the article (that you write). But it may be entirely appropriate to include some information in the body of the article about your product or service if it’s relevant to the article. I am not trying to hide that you sell a product or service — because if I post your content in this Buyer’s Guide it is because it could potentially be a product or service administrative professionals could use or would research for their managers or staff they support. I want my readers to find products and services they can use (that’s why this section is labeled a Buyer’s Guide).

Your content (article, infographic, checklist) should be relevant to what your company does or what you are a subject matter expert in. For example, if you sell copy machines: DO send me an article about preventing the three most common reasons for paper jams and how to fix them, a checklist of things to consider when choosing your next copy machine, an infographic of trends in copy machine features with some descriptive content around it; DON’T send me an article about how assistants can organize their office or why the assistant is the most important person in the office. That would not be relevant to your particular product, service and expertise.

DO mention you sell copy machines in your bio. If you like graphics and images in your content, do include a photo if relevant somewhere in your article that shows an example of a copy machine you sell. I want you to tell readers where they can find your product and service or more information about it — while you are also telling them something informational and educational in the article content that’s not straight selling your product or service. I am big on quality content that is well written and that my readers can truly use.

You must own the rights to all of your article copy and the photos too (unless you can show me they are royalty free). I do not want to print plagiarized copy or photos not royalty free with CCo rights. Don’t excerpt copy from other sources; do original writing (or make sure your hired writers are doing their own original writing). And the best photos, if you include any, are the ones you own (such as photos of your product). If you have a more general type of service and would like me to add a stock image to your article, I can find an image to insert from my own resources. If you don’t want a photo or image in your article, that’s fine too.

I reserve the right to make minor edits to your article such as breaking big paragraphs into smaller ones (if needed) and correcting typos or misspellings and punctuation.

I reserve the right to change the title of your article (with your approval of the change) if I believe it overlaps with other titles in the Buyer’s Guide table of contents, does not clearly explain what your article is about, is not SEO friendly, and/or is too “clever” rather than straightforward.

Your article, checklist or whatever will be on its own page like the ones already posted in the Buyer’s Guide Section. For instance:

I reserve the right to post one of my category boxes to the top left of the article. For example:

Office Technology and Technical Skills

If you look through my Web site, including in the Buyer’s Guide, you’ll notice I categorize every article with one of the 11 general categories I provide information and education to administrative professionals about. For instance, in the Buyer’s Guide, see this article by me:

This graphic unifies my Web site look and in fact, if I use it on one of your articles, it will also help them blend in to the editorial style and layout I use throughout the editorial content and site.

However, your article will be labeled as “Sponsored Content” above it and/or below it because I want to disclose you are paying me to place the content (for potential legal disclosure reasons).

All articles are pre-approved by me before posting and before you submit any payment for advertising (so we will both be on board with your article, checklist, infographic, etc.) before we agree to post it for public view.

Payment is expected prior to going live with your article page. If you are a repeat advertiser, you may submit payment up to 30 days after the content goes live. An invoice can be supplied to your company.

Your article will only be posted in the Buyer’s Guide section on The Effective Admin for an agreed upon time (e.g. 3 months, 6 months, 12 months). The date your article is posted will be noted at the end of the live page for our info.

There will be an option for renewal at the end of that period. Renewal rates and terms will be discussed at that time.

It is possible (and beyond my control) that your article may remain in a cache version somewhere on the Web once removed from this Web site after the agreed upon “expiration” date. But my intention is to only keep your article and information active in the Buyer’s Guide section for the period we agree upon.

Administrative professional readers are my target audience at The Effective Admin. These admin pros research for their managers and staff and also personally use lots of products and services:

  • office supplies
  • office furnishing
  • office equipment and tools
  • lodging
  • transportation
  • couriers
  • software
  • hardware
  • books
  • conferences
  • logo products/premiums/gifts
  • years of service awards
  • ergonomic/healthy lifestyle at work products
  • online meeting and Webinar services
  • phone services and apps
  • meeting rooms
  • etc. The list is endless. Add to it.

Administrative professionals not only need to know about specific products and services that are “out there,” but  they also need informative articles on how to choose products and services in general, how to use them, how to maintain them, etc. You can plug your product or service in this Buyer’s Guide section if you can also educate my readers simultaneously with informative content (i.e. articles, infographics, checklists, etc.).

Currently the Buyer’s Guide section is the only area of The Effective Admin Web site I am accepting marketing/advertising.

At this time, the only other advertising on this Web site (besides for my own products and services) is the occasional Amazon affiliate ad or Google AdSense ad. No Amazon affiliate product ads or Google AdSense will be on your article page. However, the right sidebar with my products listed (books, reports, etc.) will remain at this time.

Again, contact me if after reading this, checking out the Buyer’s Guide section, and exploring this Web site, you have interest in posting in the Buyer’s Guide as discussed above.

Advertising rates will be based on per page/article per agreed upon time period (i.e. 3 months, 6 months, 12 months) for the post to remain published and visible to Web site visitors. At this time, I will not post more than five pages/articles per advertiser.

Karen Porter at


These advertising terms were created and posted in July 2016 and may be updated periodically without notice to add more information and/or clarify what’s already posted above.


I am based in the USA and serve administrative professionals virtually, and therefore I am providing information to admins everywhere in the world.

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