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TEA Updates, which is part of The Effective Admin brand of resources for administrative professionals is produced by me. I’m Karen Porter, job performance and career success coach and advisor to administrative professionals globally and virtually since 2004. Prior to founding the TEA brand of resources, I worked on site for employers in both administrative and non-administrative positions for 18+ years. I have 25+ years interacting with administrative professionals and the “real” workplace. In all my resources (paid and free), I try to provide you with practical, actionable tips and advice that transfer to your workplace role and career.

TEA Updates covers the same category of topics as at The Effective Admin Web site (which is the site you are on now) and at the Virtual Association for Administrative Professionals private member Web site (which is open to any administrative professional–including you–who wishes to subscribe/join). These topics/departments are as follows:

►Business Writing Skills
►Career Management Skills
►Health, Safety, Security, and Well-being
►Interpersonal and Communication Skills
►Manager/Executive Support Skills
►Managerial Skills for Admins
►Meeting and Event Planning, Coordination and Participation Skills
►Office Technology and Technical Skills
►Organizational Skills
►Time and Workload Management Skills
►Travel Planning and Coordination Skills

All articles and short tips in the TEA Updates newsletter as well as at this Web site (The Effective Admin) and in Virtual Association for Administrative Professionals subscription/membership Web site are related to the topics in that list above. I believe those category topics (which cover a lot of subtopics) are most important to the roles and careers of administrative and executive assistants.

I do not cover all of the topics in that list at once or in that order (which is just alphabetical in the above list). In fact, these days I’m trying to keep TEA Updates newsletter shorter than in the past, and so my ongoing intention is to only include one topic (tip or article) per issue of TEA Updates. We all have short attention spans and information overload these days!

TEA Updates is a free electronic newsletter — an ezine — targeted toward administrative assistants and executive assistants. Anyone can subscribe to TEA Updates to receive the current issues in full as they’re released. It is delivered by e-mail on no set schedule (sometimes several issues in a month, sometimes just one issue per month).


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check… have a desire for continuous learning
check…believe it’s important to keep learning in their profession no matter how many years on the job or in their administrative role overall
check…believe investing in their own professional development is important and valuable and take an active role in their career management
check…are looking for educational, informational and inspirational resources to improve their job performance and manage their careers — not simply reading for entertainment value

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PLEASE NOTE: In addition to providing FREE educational information, articles and tips for administrative professionals in my free ezine TEA Updates, I also include information about paid educational products and services (mostly mine and that cost money). So this is not an “ad-free” ezine; like many magazines and newsletters, this ezine contains both free content for you and other readers and advertising to support my business. If you hate advertising/marketing, don’t sign up. If you like free educational information, articles and tips for administrative assistants and executive assistants, do sign up. –Karen Porter, founder and president of The Effective Admin and Virtual Association for Administrative Professionals