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Information Collected by The Effective Admin and Your Privacy Plus Disclaimer Policy

–Any information you provide through registration or online payment forms for paid products and services or free newsletters/publications offered by Karen Porter and her brands The Effective Admin (TEA) and Virtual Association for Administrative Professionals (VAAP) are kept private and only used to fulfill your paid order or free newsletter subscription and send you information related to TEA and VAAP. Your email, postal mail address, phone numbers, payment information, etc., provided on the forms are never sold or given away as mailing list data to others.

–Third-party vendors are used for activities related to TEA and VAAP such as shopping cart and merchant account services to process product payments and vendors used to send broadcast emails to newsletter subscribers. These third parties may have access to your registration and/or payment information in order to fulfill these services for TEA and VAAP. These third-party vendors use strict security compliance measures to ensure the safety of this data.

–Any email address you provide when leaving comments in this Web site’s comment sections for Blogs, articles, and discussion forums is kept private and not viewable by the public nor sold or given away to any third party or used in any manner other than for the Web owner to contact you about your comment if necessary.

–This site does collect Web server log and analytical data through its Web host and third-party analytical programs. That data is search terms and phrases used to find the Web site, number of visitors to the site, and similar analytical information, which is used by the site owner to improve the ability for search engines to find and index the Web site to increase traffic to it and in other ways such as to improve the Web site content or navigation. No personally identifiable information is collected in the logs linking you to specific search terms.

–Some articles/posts, comments (in the Leave a Reply comment section) or advertising on this Web site may contain links (URLs) to other Web sites and products and services. This Web site and Web site publisher/owner has no control over those other Web sites at the link destinations and their privacy policies and maintains no responsibilities for what is found at those link destinations and external Web sites.

–This Web site at times may use third-party ad revenue programs such as Google AdSense and the ads placed by those programs on this Web site are dynamic and under their control. This site does receive ad revenue from the programs when you click through, or sometimes just view, their ads. See the Google AdSense Web site for their privacy policies in regard to showing you advertising.

–This Web site may at times post sponsored content, material or advertising received directly from sponsors or advertisers and labeled as such in return for compensation. At no time is this Web site or its publisher/owner endorsing or recommending the products and services under the labeled sponsored content/material or advertising unless explicitly stated as such at the content or advertisement by this Web site’s owner/publisher. Use your discretion and judgment in regard to purchasing, using or viewing the products, services or Web sites of these third-party advertisers and sponsors. This site and owner assumes no responsibility in regard to your purchasing decisions and experiences at the Web sites you visit after leaving this Web site through URLs posted in content or advertisements.

–This Web site at times may post links to products or services for which it receives a commission (affiliate links), and this may or may not be noted nearby the affiliate link or on the same page as the affiliate link since it is stated here in regard to the whole Web site. However, it will be noted in any newsletter you receive with such a link from Karen Porter or her TEA/VAAP Web sites. An example of an affiliate link would be a link to a product on Amazon.com for which this Web site owner would receive a commission if you purchase that product or service or another product at Amazon after you click through the particular affiliate link. Unless the product is mine (such as books at Amazon.com authored by me), these affiliate product links on this Web site are not recommendations or endorsements of the product or service unless explicitly stated as such. Use your own judgment in purchasing these products or services at the link destinations.
This privacy and disclaimer policy was created in 2014 and may be updated periodically without notice.