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How to Contact The Effective Admin™ or Karen Porter


If you are contacting The Effective Admin or Karen Porter about an advertising request, media/journalist request or business matter, including customer service matters, send e-mail to:

NOTE: If you send e-mail, be sure you white list or add that e-mail address above to your safe sender list in your e-mail program; otherwise my reply may be filtered by your ISP or employer e-mail spam filters. Also, if you don’t see my reply, check your bulk mail and spam folders.


Admin Pros: If you are writing to me with a question, problem, or dilemma related to your administrative professional job or career, contact me as directed here: Click here for the details. I welcome your questions and issues there through that process. Please follow that process at the link there, and don’t send advice requests directly to my regular e-mail. Most requests for advice sent directly to my main e-mail go unanswered (though I do read them).

That is because while I sometimes have a chance to reply back to administrative professionals who write to me directly, I often — despite the best intentions — don’t answer due to lack of time. It can take me hours to truly put in thought (and research if needed) to simply answer one admin’s request for advice regarding a dilemma or other issue work or career related (and I get more than one). So please follow that link above if you need advice or a second opinion about a matter, etc.; the page at that link explains the best ways I can help you with work-related dilemmas and questions. If something from you comes through the “request advice e-mail” at that link that I know I can answer right away or direct elsewhere right away, I’ll see that and contact you as soon as I can. I read all of my e-mail; I just don’t answer all of it or all of it right away.


Contact me through a LinkedIn message. If you think I’m not receiving your e-mail messages (due to e-mail application filters), LinkedIn is a good alternative option to contact me for business matters and customer service matters. No filters will accidentally block you there–I think. LinkedIn is the only social networking media I am using at this time; I am no longer on Twitter (nothing personal, Twitter).

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Warmest Regards,
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Based in USA, serving administrative professionals virtually and therefore everywhere in the world.