Consultation Services for Administrative Professionals

Questions for Karen Porter

Attention: Administrative Assistants, Executive Assistants, Secretaries, and All Administrative Support Professionals.

Do you have a question, problem, or dilemma related to your administrative professional job or career?

Share it with Karen Porter, job performance and career success coach and advisor to administrative professionals globally, by following the directions and using the e-mail address posted below in one of these options:

OPTION 1: Click for Paid Consultation Details – Use this option when you need help now. Paid consultations are done by email within a few days usually. So if you need timely assistance, please use the “paid consultation” link above at which you will find more details about this option.

OPTION 2: Click for Free Consultation Details – Use this option when you’re NOT in a hurry and want a second opinion or fresh perspective on an issue or have a non-timely question you want to submit. I respond to these consultations/questions for free by answering them in the Admin Pro Coach column of The Effective Admin newsletter as described at the link above. I answer to six to 12 different admin’s questions per year for this option; the TEA Newsletter is printed six times per year.