Administrative Assistant Day

By Karen Porter

What and When is Administrative Assistant Day?

Many web surfers come here looking for information on Administrative Assistant Day. The good news is that you’ve found what you’re looking for—sort of. Actually, there is no Administrative Assistant Day. But you’re probably really looking for information on Administrative Professionals Day® and Administrative Professionals Week®. Read onward…

Administrative Professionals Week® is observed annually during the last full week in April beginning on Sunday. Administrative Professionals Day® is observed annually on the Wednesday of Administrative Professionals Week.

…So why make the distinction between using the term administrative assistant day and administrative professionals day? Well, other than it’s just plain wrong, Administrative Professionals Day is actually the official name and a registered trademark. Read more about the origin of Administrative Professionals Day and Administrative Professionals Week and who owns this trademark here. Plus find its annual dates and more information on celebrating the day on that page.

The other reason it’s a good idea to make the distinction between administrative assistant day and administrative professionals day is because the phrase “administrative assistant” no longer entirely covers the evolving administrative support profession. While many of today’s administrative support professionals share similar job descriptions, others hold different job levels and do different job functions within their companies. Administrative professional job titles may include:

  • administrative assistant
  • executive assistant
  • administrative coordinator
  • senior administrative assistant
  • executive secretary
  • secretary
  • staff assistant
  • executive administrative assistant
  • office manager (this title may or may not fall under “administrative professional” depending on how your company defines the role and/or how the person who is in the position views it)
  • administrative professional
  • administrative coordinator
  • and lots more.

Sure job titles aren’t important to some people. But in reality they do represent distinctive jobs and job functions and sometimes distinguish levels of skills, often within a company itself. It’s part of the employer’s organizational structure. Job titles are supposed to be descriptive in a sense—though sometimes in the offices of today’s employers they might seem cryptic because there isn’t exactly an across-the-board standard of job titles from employer to employer. You may refer to the industry in general as “administrative professionals.”

So how do administrative professionals wish to be recognized on Administrative Professionals Day? There is no one answer. But there are preferences, both from the “holiday’s” originator and from the administrative professionals themselves. Read how a few administrative professionals who read The Effective Admin responded to a survey question about how they’d like to be recognized on Administrative Professionals Day or how they have been recognized in the past (or not). Then decide how you’ll celebrate Administrative Assistant Day; oops, I mean Administrative Professionals Day.

Administrative Professionals Day®
Administrative Professionals Week®

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