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Who Are Administrative Professionals, and What Do They Do?

Who Are Administrative Professionals? – What does an administrative professional do? What is an administrative professional?

Administrative Professional Job Titles – Job titles for administrative office employee positions. Is there another title or name for administrative assistant? Read more here.

Administrative Assistant Typical Day on the Job — Here’s what some administrative assistants say is a typical day for their administrative role in their industries.

Executive Assistant Typical Day on the Job – Here’s what some executive assistants say is a typical day for their executive assistant role in their industries.

Administrative Assistant Job Description – Read a few administrative assistant job descriptions from survey data provided by employed administrative assistants. Learn what the work, culture, responsibilities and duties of an administrative assistant. Read about what administrative assistants do all day long and what they need to know to do their jobs.

Executive Assistant Job Description – The executive assistant job description varies per company. Obviously, the one common denominator is an executive assistant role supports an executive management level employee (or make that multiple executives in some cases). Read examples of executive assistant job descriptions here from survey data provided by employed executive assistants.

Executive Assistant vs Office Manager (job description) – Is the next advancement level up from executive assistant that of an office manager? Find out here.

Office Manager Typical Day on the Job — Here’s what some office managers say is a typical day for their office manager role in their industries.

Supporting a Manager Versus an Executive as an Administrative Professional – Here are the differences between supporting a a mid-level manager and an executive.

What Kind of Skills do You Need to be an Administrative Professional?

Administrative Assistant Skills and Executive Assistant Skills – Find out what administrative assistant skills and executive assistant skills are in demand by employers.

Skills Assessment Testing During Administrative Assistant Job Interviews – Skills assessment questions and answers for administrative professional job candidates: Why employers conduct these tests during job interviews; how you can prepare; if you get called back after an interview to take a skills assessment, is that considered a good sign; and how much will your results affect your chances of getting the job.

Technology Overview: Software Skills Needed and Business Software Applications Used by Administrative Assistants and Executive Assistants – What computer programs should an administrative assistant or executive assistant know? Here’s an overview of technology skills needed by administrative professionals specifically relating to software applications.

♦ ♦ Eight Skills and Traits Administrative Assistants Need to Work For Multiple Managers and Executives –  Here are several qualities and skills to especially hone when supporting multiple bosses

♦ ♦ Assertiveness Skills for Administrative Assistants and Executive Assistants – In the workplace, positive assertion is a tool that allows you to ask for what you need to do your job or to achieve the quality results you want or need for a task or project.

♦ ♦ Time Management Solutions for Administrative Professionals – At some point as an administrative professional you may feel like you have 12 hours of work to fit into an eight-hour work day. Maybe you do! That’s why you need to learn time management skills.

♦ ♦ The Three P’s: Prioritization, Productivity, and Procrastination – Prioritization is a skill you need as an administrative assistant or executive assistant. Procrastination is an obstacle. Read about the role of procrastination in prioritization for administrative professionals.

What Prioritizing Your Workload Means for Administrative Professionals – You must be able to prioritize your workload as an administrative assistant or executive assistant. Otherwise, you won’t get the right things done (or anything done).

Administrative Professionals Need Problem Solving Skills – If you think good administrative professionals simply bring problems to the attention of their management, then think again.

The Importance of E-mail Skills to the Administrative Professional – E-mail — love it or hate it; regardless, you must learn to use it and manage it properly and really well as an administrative assistant or executive assistant. E-mail is here to stay in business communication.

Answering the Phone is a Skill, Not a Reaction – If you’re an assistant, you better learn to embrace and love answering the phone. You’ll need to plan to do it right! Answering the phone goes way beyond saying, “Hello, who’s calling please? I’ll transfer you now.” Learn good telephone skills so you help callers and represent yourself and your employer well and effectively.

Meeting Coordination and Planning by Administrative Professionals – That’s one task that almost all (if not all) administrative professionals do at some point in their jobs and careers. Learn to do it well so you’re remembered for all the right reasons.

♦ ♦ What Are Meeting Minutes? – Is this your first time taking minutes? The first thing you need to know to take minutes is what they are and aren’t. Find out here.

♦ ♦ Minute Taking — Should You Make Audio Recordings as the Minute Taker? – Is minute taking all about pushing the “record” button on your digital recorder? Should you even be using an audio recorder in minute taking in meetings? Yes and no…it depends. Read more in this article.

Domestic Travel Coordination and Planning Skills for Administrative Professionals – Travel coordination for administrative assistants and executive assistants is about more than just buying your boss a ticket from here to there while saying “charge it.” Learn more here.

♦ ♦ Advice for Administrative Professionals Planning International Travel for Their Executives – Planning international travel is tricky because one mistake and you may have just sent your executive on a 24 hour wasted trip; do-overs in international travel coordination are costly in cash, time, and business reputation.

♦ ♦ Why Administrative Assistants Should Learn How to Book International Travel Even if it Isn’t Currently a Job Requirement – Just because you’re not doing it now doesn’t mean you can’t benefit by learning it now; however, you can lose out on good opportunities now by not learning it now. Read why.

What is Strategic Communication and Why Communicate Strategically? – You’ll notice that I called my recently released book “Communication Strategies for Administrative Professionals” and not simply “Communication Skills for Administrative Professionals.” Read why.

Do You Have Good Gatekeeper Skills? – Administrative assistants and executive assistants must know the skill of gatekeeping. However, gatekeeping may not be what you think it is. A lot of people have the wrong idea about this term in regard to administrative professionals. Read more about this skill.

What Kind of Education do You Need to be an Administrative Professional? Do You Pursue Continuing Education and Professional Development Once Hired and if So, What Types?

Do You Need a College Degree to Work as an Administrative Assistant or Executive Assistant? – Learn how important a college degree is to getting a position in administrative support, or not.

♦ ♦ Experience Versus Degree for Administrative Professionals as Job Candidates – Is it better for a job candidate to possess years of experience on the job as an administrative professional or a four-year college degree? Express your opinion on this topic wisely when you do so in public.

Should Administrative Assistants and Executive Assistants Pursue More Education? – Here are a few thoughts on that.

♦ ♦ Attending Administrative Professional Conferences, Seminars and Workshops – Attending an administrative assistant or executive assistant conference, seminar or workshop is usually a good idea. Read tips in this article on how to choose the best administrative assistant or executive assistant conference to attend.

♦ ♦ How to Ask Your Boss to Have the Company Pay for You to Attend a Conference, Seminar or Workshop – If you want to ask your employer to pay for you to attend a professional development conference or training, here’s a way to do it.

♦ ♦ Administrative Professional Development and Training — Is it Your Responsibility or Your Employer’s? – This article discusses whether you should find and pay for your own development and training or your employer should do that. It’s not an either/or answer; examples of both scenarios are presented.

10 Reasons Some Administrative Professionals Aren’t Doing Professional Development – This is a list you don’t want to be on. You’re not on it, are you?

How Do You Become a Successful or Great Administrative Professional?

What is a Successful Administrative Professional? – Here are five ways you might define success as an administrative assistant or executive assistant.

♦ ♦ What Differentiates a Good Administrative Professional From a Great Administrative Professional and Which are You? – Here’s how you can get started deciding the difference between the two.

How to be The Irreplaceable Administrative Professional – Learn what can set you apart from your administrative professional colleagues.

Is the Green Monster Blocking Your Workplace Satisfaction and Success – Read this article to learn how to unintentionally sabotage your own success and satisfaction as an administrative professional (or just stress yourself out over what’s not really important at work).

Tips for You to Become a More Successful Administrative Professional: – The Admin Pro Coach and Advisor Karen Porter addresses some questions in this section including What do the best administrative professionals have in common; do you need to be an extrovert in personality to achieve on the job and career success as an administrative professional (versus an introvert); can you be successful as an administrative professional by just working hard at your desk (nose to the grindstone as the old adage goes); and can you be a successful administrative professional by learning as you go on the job?

♦ ♦ How to Become a Better Administrative Professional This Year – The fact that you are on this Web site already means you are one step closer to being a better administrative assistant or executive assistant. Read why in this article.

 How Do You Set Goals as an Administrative Professional and for Administrative Professionals Who Report to Me?

Administrative Assistant Goals – Executive Assistant Goals – Why is it so hard to set goals for administrative assistants and executive assistants?

♦ ♦ SMART Goals for Administrative Assistants and Executive Assistants – This is a popular goal-setting formula—SMART. Try it out and see if it makes setting goals easier for you.

What Are Performance Appraisals and How Do You Prepare for Them?

Preparing for Your Next Performance Appraisal – Here are some thoughts for proactively planning for your performance appraisal.

How do You Hold Meetings of Administrative Professionals Within Your Company?

♦ ♦ Meetings of Administrative Professionals Within Your Company – Are you holding good meetings of administrative professionals within your company, or do your administrative colleagues hate these meetings? Here’s the answer.

♦ ♦ Four Tips for Meeting Efficiently in the Workplace – Consider these four pointers the next time you decide to call a meeting of your company’s administrative professionals.

♦ ♦ ♦Book: Starting Meetings of Administrative Professionals – Read 52 tips for planning and leading successful meetings of your administrative assistants and executive assistants in your company or industry. “Successful” is a key word there. Make your meetings so good that your administrative staff want to attend voluntarily—and return to the next one.

How do You Handle Workload Management for Administrative Professionals?

♦ ♦ Solving Time Management Dilemmas for Administrative Assistants and Executive Assistants – Are you an administrative professional with seemingly more work to do than time to do it in? Are you having trouble getting all of your word done on time? Read onward for more about this dilemma and how to handle it.

What Does Managing Up Mean for Administrative Professionals?

♦ ♦ A Partnership Between Administrative Professional and Executive / Manager Defined – Read what is meant by partnering with your manager or executive as an administrative professional.

How Can Administrative Professionals Affect Company Profits?

♦ ♦ Why Administrative Assistants Screening Calls Increases Company Profits – The efficiency with which administrative professionals screen calls (aka filtering calls) affects the efficiency of the manager or executive being supported by that admin and your company’s profits. Here’s how and why.

♦ ♦ One Way Administrative Professionals Affect Company Profits – Administrative assistants and executive assistants can impact their companies’ bottom lines, perhaps not daily but certainly every now and then. Don’t underestimate your ability to affect expenses and profit in your department or company.

What Kinds of Stress Do Administrative Professionals Get in Their Roles and How do They Handle it?

♦ ♦ Administrative Professional Stress at Work and Why it Happens – You’re not alone as an administrative assistant or executive assistant stressed on the job. Here’s who else is stressed and why — and here’s help to eliminate stress in your administrative role.

♦ ♦ How Administrative Professionals Handle Stress – Eighty percent of administrative professionals surveyed said they experienced stress at work and in their administrative role. Fortunately, most of them also had ways to manage this stress on the job. Read here what three administrative professionals had to say on the subject.

What Does Professional Image Mean for the Administrative Professional?

♦ ♦ Administrative Professionals: What Perception do You Want Others to Have of You at Work – If you don’t participate in perception management (i.e. managing the perception of you at work), others will create a perception of you for you. Wouldn’t you like some say in in your professional image at work?

♦ ♦ Who Administrative Professionals Respect at Work – If you’re looking for a little more respect at work, these are great traits and behaviors to strive for in the workplace. The more respect people give at work, the more respect everyone will get in the workplace, simply because more people are giving it.

How Do You Manage Conflict in Workplace Relationships?

♦ ♦ When Your Clueless Coworker is Your Boss’s Favorite (What to do and what not to do) – Are you unhappy because your boss favors your administrative professional coworker? Are you interested in reporting a lazy coworker to your manager? Stop! Read this first so you don’t put the focus in the wrong place in your career and job.


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