SMART Goals for Administrative Assistants and Executive Assistants

Is it time to set workplace goals? Here are some tips regarding setting executive assistant and administrative assistant goals:

TIP 1: Find the “Real” Goal

Be specific. Get to the “why.” For example, some administrative professionals suggest goals like, “My goal is to take a class in Microsoft PowerPoint software usage by the end of the year.”

That is NOT a very good workplace goal. You can meet that goal by “showing up.” So it’s certainly not “challenging” — a useful criteria in professional goal setting.

You don’t even have to learn anything — just show up and take the software class by the end of the year and you’ve met that goal. That was easy!

If that’s your initial thought for a goal, dig deeper: Ask “why?” Why do you want to take a class in PowerPoint software usage? What results are you looking for?

Goals are results. Remember that! It’s important. You don’t do goals; you achieve them.


SMART is an acronym. One of the most popular translations is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-related. Some people use other translations, particularly for the A, R and T in SMART, but essentially, they all mean the same thing in terms of what overall is a SMART goal.

Make your goals and objectives (which are two different things) SMART and you will avoid creating a meaningless goal as shown in the example in TIP 1 above. (This is not a SMART goal.)

TIP 3: Get Help!

This is where I come in. I’ve updated the Goal Setting Info. Packet for administrative assistants and executive assistants.

It still contains the popular Tip Series publication no. 5: The Basic Guide to Goal Setting for Administrative Professionals.

And now it also contains a new section called the SMART Goals Information Packet, which includes a SMART goals lesson, summary sheet, checklist, worksheets, examples and more — all directed toward administrative assistants and executive assistants who are setting SMART goals in the workplace (such as for yourself or for your employer when he or she asks you to turn in some goals for the quarter or year; perhaps prepare some workplace goals while preparing for your performance review session with your boss).

The SMART Goals Information Packet portion of the info. packet is all new information I just created and added.

Here’s the link to read all about it: Goal Setting Info. Packet for administrative assistants and executive assistants

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