Goal Setting Information for Administrative Assistants and Executive Assistants

What if you could stop worrying about setting goals at work as an administrative assistant or executive assistant and just set them?

You can!

Here’s help…

“The Basic Guide To Goal Setting For Administrative Professionals was a lifesaver. It helped me set realistic and clearly defined goals. —Audrey G. Nesbit, administrative assistant, Columbia, South Carolina

The Basic Guide to Goal Setting for Administrative Professionals can help you if you’re all out of good goal ideas for workplace goal setting. It has even helped administrative assistants and executive assistants who have been in the administrative field for more than 20 years by giving them a way to think of their goals from a completely different perspective.

As one assistant said, a little assistance in looking at things from another perspective never hurts. This guide and the entire packet of information gives you assistance with goal setting. It’s full of basic information that defines goals and goal setting and acts as a catalyst in helping you brainstorm goal setting ideas for the administrative assistant or executive assistant job, role and career in particular. It’s practical information you can use to set goals at work on the job or in your administrative career.

Some administrative assistants and executive assistants particularly like the sections about “Questions that Inspire Goal-Setting,” “7 Things You Need to Know in Order to Set Professional Goals at Work,” and “Results vs. Activities” in The Basic Guide to Goal Setting for Administrative Professionals—which is the 12-page digital publication in this set you should begin with; the other publications are supplemental to the guide, but still full of additional information and ideas on goal setting for administrative assistants and executive assistants.

Get Started Today Setting Your Administrative Assistant Goals and Executive Assistant Goals

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Format: The publications are all downloadable PDF files ready for you to read and use as soon as you download them (So you can get them in the next five minutes…all the information is immediately downloadable.) As you probably know, you can read PDF file format with the free Adobe Reader or similar software.

Page size: 8 1/2″ x 11″ (These are full-sized pages packed with information.) You can save the files to your personal computer and read them there or print them out.

You get the Complete Goal-Setting Package—all 3 publications:

check The Effective Admin Tips Series publication #5: The Basic Guide to Goal Setting for Administrative Professionals (start with this)


check SMART Goals Information Packet (includes a lesson in in SMART goal setting for administrative professionals, checklist, examples)


check eBook: 50 Administrative Professionals Top Questions About Goal Setting are Answered Here


The Basic Guide to Goal Setting for Administrative Professionals


A Lesson in SMART Goal Setting for Administrative Professionals


Q&A: 50 Administrative Professionals’ Top Questions About Goal Setting are Answered Here

 “Your goals setting publication allowed me to think of my goals from a completely different perspective and this was the first time in 20 years that I have not stressed over my annual review. I was prepared for it and in fact, looked forward to it.” –Judy Santiago, executive assistant, San Antonio, Texas

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