Goal Setting for Administrative Assistants and Executive Assistants

Read this page if you need help with writing your administrative assistant goals and executive assistant goals (and especially if you need help fast).


From the Desk of Karen Porter, Founder and President of The Effective Admin and Virtual Association for Administrative Professionals and Coach and Advisor to Thousands of Administrative Professionals Globally Since 2004

Thinking up and writing workplace goals is not that hard once you understand what is a goal. Unfortunately, you’ll find a lot of misinformation on the Web — from so-called experts and even from your administrative professional colleagues trying to be helpful — about what is a goal and how to write a goal.

For example, if someone tells you to “just write down that you’ll ‘take a class in xyz'” as your workplace goal, be wary of that person’s true goal-setting knowledge. That bad suggestion pops up a lot for administrative and executive assistants in articles and discussion forums on the Web!

You are not accomplishing a worthy workplace goal by simply taking a class, and goals are accomplishments (i.e. achievements or results).

“Showing up” (i.e. simply attending a class) isn’t a well thought-out goal. However, there are worthy workplace goals related to the activity of “taking a class,” workshop, or whatever.

But don’t just say or write, for example, “My goal this year is I’m going to take a class in PowerPoint software usage,” and call that your workplace goal for the year. That’s lame! Seriously! I mean I can say my goal this year is “I’m going to take a class in ‘learning to speak French'”; when I’m done I can frame my beautiful certificate of attendance–while not actually being able to apply any of the lessons (because I still can’t read or speak French without a translator despite that I showed up and attended the class).

Good goal statements go deeper than things like “attend a class in xyz.” That’s not very meaningful by itself for a workplace goal for administrative and executive assistants.

Let me help you define what really is a goal and help you think up and write your administrative assistant goals and executive assistant goals.

I can make this process clearer and easier for you.

I can even give you some examples or samples of goals for administrative assistants and executive assistants.

I have been helping administrative assistants and executive assistants (and administrative professionals of all levels, titles, and years of service) write goals to submit at work to their managers and executives for more than ten years. I’ve had a lot of feedback in that time from administrative professionals that my ideas for workplace goal-setting have helped them do just that. –Click here to read more about the information I’ve put together to help administrative assistants and executive assistants set goals.