Employers Want Administrative Assistants With These Computer Software Skills

The below list is of what computer software skills employers want administrative assistants to have is excerpted from job ads by employers for administrative assistants in the United States in 2017. I found these ads on LinkedIn by doing a search

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Attention to Detail is a Skill That Matters for the Administrative Assistant or Executive Assistant Position

A recent issue of The Effective Admin newsletter featured an article on the topic of “The Importance of Maintaining and Improving Attention to Detail for Admin Professionals and How to Do It.” As pointed out in the article, details matter

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Eight Goal Setting Tips for Administrative Professionals

GOAL SETTING AT WORK Something administrative professionals ask me about a lot is “goal setting in the workplace.” So I’m going to provide some tips on this page on the topic of goal setting for administrative assistants and executive assistants. I’ve been

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What is ROI (Return On Investment) for Administrative Assistants and Executive Assistants?

Return on investment (ROI) is just what it sounds like: the return and investor gets on his or her investment. In financial circles, this often refers to profits from an investment of money. In career references to administrative assistants and

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One Way to Write Your Administrative Assistant Resume Better Than Your Competition

If you are writing a resume for an administrative assistant or executive assistant job, you probably have competition. Likely, lots of other good assistants are applying for the same job. So you need every edge you can get to ensure

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Career Management Benefits of Leading Meetings of Administrative Assistants and Executive Assistants in Your Company

If you lead successful meetings of administrative assistants and executive assistants in your company, then include this information on your resume, in your list of achievements, etc. Here’s why: If you lead successful meetings of administrative assistants and executive assistants

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