How Administrative Professionals (or Anyone) Can Communicate Authentically

In describing the content and focus of my book Communication Strategies for Administrative Professionals, I often say that “to get the results you require or desire from your communication, you must speak and write purposefully – yet authentically.” That’s the

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Admin Goals, Goals, Goals: Goal Setting Terms For Administrative Assistants and Executive Assistants

Administrative assistants and executive assistants often come to this Web site searching for information on goal setting for administrative professionals. Some are looking for specifics; some are simply trying to figure out what their managers are asking for when directing

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Do You Have Questions in Your Administrative Role?

Get Your Questions Answered If you have questions in your administrative role, job and career, know that you’re not the only administrative professional with them. Many administrative assistants and executive assistants seek knowledge about how to keep up with workloads, shine as

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Are You an Awesome Assistant? Is Your Administrative or Executive Assistant Awesome?

1) Awesome Assistant 2) Really Awesome Assistant Which are you? If you’re a manager or executive, which is your assistant? Tell her or him with an Awesome Assistant t-shirt by The Effective Admin: Click here for ordering Info. They’re not

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Admins: Just Write it Yourself, and You’ll Avoid Copyright Mishaps and Miscommunication Like This

I tracked down some copyright thieves this week—the ones that think I do the writing (work) on my Web site and newsletters so they can cut and paste it word for word to their Web sites. The funniest is the

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Employers Want Administrative Assistants With These Computer Software Skills

The below list is of what computer software skills employers want administrative assistants to have is excerpted from job ads by employers for administrative assistants in the United States in 2017. I found these ads on LinkedIn by doing a search

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